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How To Measure For Proper Quarter-Turn Fastener Installation

Length and material thickness calculations are critical to ensuring your quarter-turn fastener has the proper reach and grip to allow full engagement with the spring to the fastener. Too large a gap and the fastener won’t reach, while too little a gap will cause panel rattling/fitment issues and/or allow the fastener to loosen/disengage.

The quarter-turn measuring guide illustration shown here (and linked for a larger version) will aid you in obtaining the proper quarter-turn fasteners, springs, and spring plates for your project.

Measuring Guide For Quarter-Turn Fasteners
Measuring Guide For Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Letter A in the measurement guide is your total material thickness and must include the top layer of material, bottom layer of material and/or spring plate if used. Some installations will have several thickness of material stacked up so be sure to compensate for all layers between the spring and the head of the fastener.

Letter B is the spring height. Two different spring heights are available to help compensate for different material thickness being fastened.

Letter C is the quarter turn fastener length. This length needs to be equal to or very close to the sum of A and B. Example: Material thickness (A) of .350-inch plus spring height (B) of .150-inch= .500-inch (C) quarter turn fastener length.

Installation tip – If your quarter turn fastener is just a bit too long and does not tightly hold the material together you can adjust this by bending the spring slightly. Use a large flat blade screwdriver to push on the spring through the fastener hole. If access from the back side is available then pliers can be used to pull on the spring.

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